Home for the Holidays: Part III
A message from the sponsors: Mary Lou and John Dasburg


For longtime patron Mary Lou Dasburg, A Seraphic Fire Christmas has become a holiday tradition for her and her family. "It's more than a concert," proclaims Mary. "It's an experience that lifts you to a special place through the medium of seasonal songs.

"The audience at A Seraphic Fire Christmas experiences a unique musical solemnity," continues Mary Lou, "provided both by the candlelit environment of the church and by the timeless nature of the pieces. Emotions elicited at these performances are those of peace and solemnity - as though you are the only person present in the church. 

"The concert is a link to the meaning of the season. The setting, beautiful; the evening, enchanting. As our family is captivated by the shear beauty of A Seraphic Fire Christmas, we continue to attend year after year."