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Public Service on the Map

Join Public Service on the Map!

Register and check out what the Harvard community is doing in public service. From Gulu, Uganda, to Melbourne, Australia, we have alumni, students, and staff sharing their work in refugee camps, homeless shelters, and arts organizations.

Meet the newest members of our community, people like you, making a difference every day through their work and volunteer efforts. Come back to http://onthemap.harvard.edu and fully register for the beta website. Thank you to those of you who have already "put yourself on the Map."

After just one week, the network has grown to over 250 members. Help Harvard create a public service community poised for collaboration, expansion, and action. Registering is fast and easy, and should only take a few minutes. Register today!

Questions? Please email feedback@onthemap.harvard.edu. I look forward to seeing you on the Map!

Philip Lovejoy
Harvard Alumni Association

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